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Rene Otten

Club Manager

Phone: 530-354-6826

Jean Hensley

Club Director

Phone: 530-521-3733

Lain Hensley

Coach and Founding Member

Phone: 530-624-3921

2018 Season Ending Video

Matrix -

An environment or structure that allows things to grow and develop.

More than just volleyball! 

The Chico Matrix Volleyball Club was created by parents and coaches to provide athletes with the latest technical volleyball skills training from a team of veteran coaches in a positive environment. We develop the heart of each athlete, foster personal growth, develop individual confidence, build team unity, have fun, and create a passion for life and the game of volleyball. This is an intense program, well suited for players with lofty aspirations for High School, College and beyond.  With our "Strive for 25" philosophy, ALL player contributions are critical to the success of the program, team and culture of the club.  If you are a young motivated beginner or an experienced player that wants to work hard to perform at your highest level, this is the program for you.  

Coaching - Commitment - Confidence - Competition - Connection

Matrix Home Gym

We are proud to be located at P.V.  Baptist Church - 13539 Garner Lane Chico CA 95973



Skills Videos

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